Head Protection

A safety helmet protects against injuries to the head that may arise from impact or falling objects. Wearing a helmet is not always required, but is often advisable. A helmet that fi ts properly under all conditions, contributes to a safer workplace.

Construction Helmet Standard

Provides good protection against everyday hazards, eg strike or against small falling objects.

Bump cap

Provides protection against bumps, but not against falling objects. The bump cap cannot absorb the impact of falling objects.

  • The helmet can be extended with:

    • Earmuffs
    • Face shield
    • Chinstrap
    • Neck flap

    Safety Helmet and expiration date

    A helmet that is distorted by a falling object must not be used again. The life of a safety helmet is  dependent on the material between 3 and 10 years. The climate, UV radiation and chemicals are the main factors that determine life safety helmets. A helmet should not be plastered with stickers, the stickers accelerates the aging process. Even the sun accelerates the aging process. 

    Therefore there is a maximum time of use in the manual.

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